Экскурсия к северной части каньона

Пролетите над густым лесом Кайбаб, а затем осмотрите самый отдаленный и глубокий участок Гранд-Каньона: Коридор Дракона. Вы увидите своими глазами и сфотографируете возвышающиеся над каньоном скалы, величественные долины, раскинувшиеся внизу, и некоторые из старейших геологических образований, известных человечеству.

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25–30 минут



«Королевская» экскурсия на EcoStar

Осмотрите северный и восточный края — самые глубокие участки каньона, возраст которых насчитывает 1,7 миллионов лет — с борта вертолета EcoStar, предлагающего обзор на 180 градусов и сиденья с приподнятыми задними рядами.

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40-50 минут



Аэроэкскурсия по южному краю

Перелет с южного края Гранд-Каньона до западного на борту самолета Vistaliner. Недорогой тур с захватывающими дух видами каньона. Среди прочего вы увидите Империал-Пойнт — одинокую каменную колонну естественного происхождения.

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40–45 МИНУТ



Эксклюзивная экскурсия к южному краю

Начните день с захватывающей экскурсии на юг Гранд-Каньона в специально оборудованном под туристические поездки автомобиле класса люкс.

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Автомобиль Sprinter Высадка на краю Приключенческая экскурсия





Ни одна из экскурсий в этой категории не подходит результатам данного поиска.

Grand Canyon South Rim Tour FAQs

What is the best tour of the Grand Canyon South Rim?
What is there to do at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon?
  • The Grand Canyon South Rim is home to some of the most famously breathtaking landscapes in the world. This is also the most developed rim of the Grand Canyon. During your trip to the Grand Canyon South Rim, check out a few of these exciting activities.

    • Gaze in awe at beautiful lookout points like Bright Angel Point and Mather Point
    • Soar over breathtaking landscapes like Zuni Corridor and the Kaibab National Forest during a world-class helicopter or airplane tour
    • Embark on a guided Hummer excursion to scenic sites like Duck on a Rock, Yavapai Point, and Moran Point
    • Explore the historic architecture and quaint gift shops in Grand Canyon Village
    • Climb to the top of Desert View Watchtower for a 360-degree view of the South Rim
How much is a tour of the Grand Canyon South Rim?
  • The cost of each Grand Canyon South Rim tour is conveniently listed online. Our low online prices include all taxes, fees, and surcharges. We pride ourselves on being transparent, so the rate we quote you is the rate you will pay. No guesswork involved.

Can you take a helicopter to the bottom of the Grand Canyon South Rim?
  • Helicopters are not permitted to fly to the bottom of the South Rim. However, Papillon does offer helicopter tours that land at the bottom of the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.

    Not only will you get to experience a thrilling 4,000 foot descent below the West Rim. Certain tours include champagne and a light picnic on a private plateau of the Grand Canyon's floor.

    Discover the West Rim helicopter tours that land at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Discover Grand Canyon Tours of the South Rim

With more than 50 years flying the Grand Canyon and beyond, Papillon is the largest and most experienced helicopter tour operator in the world.

Aboard a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon South Rim, you'll gaze out over the rim of the canyon and get a bird's-eye view of the Colorado River, rock formations, and lush forests. We are the preferred provider for the Grand Canyon National Park Service and our helicopter tours are certified to fly the entire Grand Canyon.

If you're departing from Las Vegas or Phoenix, your daylong adventure will begin and end with scenic ground transportation to the Grand Canyon National Park. From there, you will lift off on a breathtaking helicopter flight over the South Rim. If you're already at the South Rim, you can lift off on a 45-50 minute aerial tour of the awe-inspiring sights.

Learn more about Grand Canyon South Rim helicopter tours

Экскурсии на самолете

Take flight in a fixed-wing airplane on a tour of the Grand Canyon South Rim. From the air, you'll gaze across the vast expanse of the Grand Canyon South Rim and straight down to the canyon floor. Experience breathtaking views of the Zuni Corridor, Imperial Point, Confluence of the Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers, Kaibab National Forest, and Kaibab Plateau aboard your airplane tour of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Discover all Grand Canyon Air Tours

Автобусные экскурсии

Not interested in flying? No problem! Hop on a relaxing road trip across the Southwestern desert aboard a luxury motorcoach or sprinter. Grand Canyon South Rim bus tours depart from both Las Vegas and Phoenix. Not only will you get to catch glimpses of breathtaking landscapes across the Mojave Desert and historic Route 66, you'll also get to explore plenty of South Rim hotspots.

Explore some of the Grand Canyon’s most notable viewpoints, Mather Point and Bright Angel Point. You can also take advantage of exploration time at the National Geographic Visitor Center and Grand Canyon Village. For an even more memorable experience, upgrade your South Rim bus tour to include a helicopter or hummer tour.

Экскурсии на джипе Hummer

Ride in style during a Hummer tour of the Grand Canyon South Rim. These guided tours stop at world-famous rock formations like Duck on a Rock, Yavapai Point, and Moran Point. Throughout your adventure, your knowledgeable driver and guide will share interesting facts about the Grand Canyon and its fantastic viewpoints. Remember to pack your camera! These locations provide amazing photo opportunities of the majestic Grand Canyon.

Rafting Tours

Make the most of your time in the Grand Canyon South Rim. Embark on a memorable 15.5-mile smooth water float trip up the Colorado River in a motorized raft. Papillon offers two river rafting adventures from the Grand Canyon South Rim. One rafting trip launches from the mystical Antelope Canyon while the other begins at Glen Canyon.

Aboard either tour, you will feel the light spray of the Colorado River as you watch the skyscraping canyon walls pass you by. Each float trip will also dock for a brief stop to explore ancient petroglyphs. Your knowledgeable tour guide can even translate some of these petroglyphs and offer history about the canyon’s native people.

The raft tour concludes upon arrival at Lee's Ferry where ground transportation awaits. Travel through the Navajo Indian Reservation with a brief stop at the historic Cameron Trading Post before returning to the Grand Canyon South Rim.