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Las Vegas to West Rim

Golden Eagle Air Tour

Экскурсия на вертолете «Golden Eagle» прекрасно подходит для гостей Лас-Вегаса, которые хотят за короткое время увидеть как можно больше красот Гранд-Каньона. На этой экскурсии вы осмотрите с воздуха плотину Гувера, озеро Мид и живописный Гранд-Каньон.

Available Friday, July 10th 2020



3½–4 ЧАСА



Экскурсия «Великое торжество»

Во время этой вертолетной экскурсии вы насладитесь завораживающими видами плотины Гувера, озера Мид и Гранд-Каньона с высоты птичьего полета. Кроме этого, данная экскурсия включает в себя приземление на дне каньона на частное плато, с которого открывается обзор величественной реки Колорадо.

Available Sunday, July 12th 2020

Вертолет Посадка на дно Champagne Toast


4–4½ ЧАСА



Highlights Air Tour

Поднимитесь на борт нашего экскурсионного самолета и полюбуйтесь замечательными видами с воздуха на озеро Мид, плотину Гувера, реку Колорадо и запад Гранд-Каньона.

Returning Soon



4 часа



Автобусная экскурсия по западному краю Гранд-Каньона

Наш суперсовременный автобус отвезет вас на ни с чем не сравнимую, феерическую экскурсию на Гранд-Каньону, где вы увидите самый впечатляющий ландшафт на свете.

Available tomorrow!

Автобус Высадка на краю Дамба Гувера


12 часов



Автобусная экскурсия по западному краю Гранд-Каньона с посещением моста Skywalk

Вас ждет экскурсия высшего разряда, когда роскошный автобус отвезет вас к западному краю Гранд-Каньона. Вы увидите величественные стены каньона с идеальной точки обзора: моста Skywalk, нависающего над каньоном на высоте 1200 м (4000 футов).

Available tomorrow!

Автобус Дамба Гувера Мост Skywalk Высадка на краю


12 часов



«Приключения на земле индейцев» с посещением Skywalk

Прогуляйтесь на высоте 1200 м (4000 футов) по мосту Skywalk в окружении лишь стекла, металла и каменных стен каньона. После этого вы посетите находящуюся неподалеку индейскую деревню, где сможете посмотреть на аутентичные предметы быта и произведения искусства.

Available Tuesday, July 7th 2020

Самолет Мост Skywalk Высадка на краю


7 часов



Grand Voyager

«Grand Voyager» — одна из самых насыщенных экскурсий по Гранд-Каньону. Осмотрите запад Гранд-Каньона с земли, с воды и с борта вертолета!

Returning Soon

Вертолет Самолет Посадка на дно Высадка на краю Вода Приключенческая экскурсия


7 часов



Ни одна из экскурсий в этой категории не подходит результатам данного поиска.

Why Take a Tour of Grand Canyon West Rim from Las Vegas?

Visitors flock from around the world to discover the wonders of the Grand Canyon every day. The canyon's spectacular red rock and awe-inspiring cliffs are the ultimate bucket-list item for millions. But did you know that the vast canyon has three areas, or rims, that are available for touring? So, if you only have one day, how do you know which one is right for you?

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you an adventurer at heart?
  • Would you call yourself a bit of a history buff?
  • Do you enjoy discovering "hidden gems" in an area?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above, then the Grand Canyon West Rim may be the ticket. The west side of the canyon is less crowded, yet still showcases the magnificent lookouts that characterize this natural wonder of the world.

Contrary to popular belief, the West Rim is also not part of the Grand Canyon National Park. The gorgeous land is owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe. During your visit, make sure to spend some time at Eagle Point for a dose of the land's rich cultural history.

There's no shortage of stunning views from this side of the canyon. With just a short climb, you'll reach world-famous lookouts like Eagle Point or Guano Point for inspiring 360-degree views. If you're feeling a little extra brave, mosey right up to one of the Canyon's dramatic ledges and take a peek straight down to the rushing Colorado River below.

Step back into the modern world at the Skywalk Grand Canyon. This horseshoe-shaped, cantilever bridge suspends you 70 feet over the canyon's rim, and 4,000 feet above its floor. Gaze through the bridge's glass bottom or over its ledge for some of the West Rim's most breathtaking sights.

Types of Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim Tours

Helicopter Tours to the Grand Canyon West Rim

Although there are many ways to visit the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, few can match up to the spectacular bird's eye view aboard a Papillon helicopter tour. With more than 50 years flying the Grand Canyon and beyond, Papillon is the largest and most experienced helicopter tour operator in the world.

We are proud to fly the most advanced tour helicopters available. With wide-angle glass and theater-style seating, our helicopters offer unbeatable sky-high photo opportunities. Worried that you won't get the chance to explore the ancient lands from the ground? Don't fret. You have the option to include a stop at the Skywalk as well as a visit to Hualapai Ranch and a few top-notch lookout destinations as well.

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Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tours

If you prefer not to travel by air, embark on a sightseeing excursion on one of Papillon's state-of-the-art motorcoaches. While cruising en route to the West Rim, you will gaze out at the Mojave Desert's rare joshua tree forests, the vast expanse of Lake Mead, and the Native American cultural hub of Hualapai Nation.

The West Rim is the closest in proximity to Las Vegas, making the distance from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim perfect for a sightseeing day trip. Once your time at the Grand Canyon West Rim has come to an end, you will board your motorcoach and be returned to the Las Vegas area.

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Airplane Tours to the Grand Canyon West Rim

Imagine soaring through the southwestern skies aboard one of Papillon's airplane tours. From the air, you can gaze across the rocky landscapes and straight down into the ancient depths of the Grand Canyon West Rim.

Papillon's airplanes are completely designed with our guests' comfort and sightseeing needs in mind. The large windows and soaring vantage point will allow even amateur photographers to shoot professional-level photos to cherish for a lifetime.

Similar to our helicopter tours, airplane tours can include essential West Rim stops at the glass Skywalk, Eagle Point, and the best 360-degree lookout points that the canyon has to offer.

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FAQs for West Rim Grand Canyon from Las Vegas Tours

What is there to do at the West Rim of the Grand Canyon?
  • he Grand Canyon West Rim plays host to a plethora of exciting and inspiring adventures.

    • Get your adrenaline rushing walking along the glass Skywalk at Grand Canyon
    • Engage with the local Native American culture at Hualapai Village
    • Gaze over the breathtaking Eagle Point and Guano Point lookouts
    • Soar over the West Rim aboard a Papillon helicopter or plane tour
Which part of the Grand Canyon is closest to Las Vegas?
How much is the entrance fee to Grand Canyon West Rim?
  • All fares are included in your Papillon tour to the Grand Canyon West Rim.

    Learn more about the tour fare information and rules on our website.